August 15, 2011

New Pose

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Hi there,
I managed to create a new pose because I'm ill right now and I don't have anything to do. I might put a random pose pack up for download.

Let me show you what I've got. The preview picture is kinda funny, just look at that huge face. SMUG

Anyway, as you can see it is a "girly" pose. You can use it on males though, that's up to you. Here it is in-game:

It turned out really good IMO.
I was a bit scared at first because my ginger sim looks a bit cross eyed, well... maybe not cross eyed, but she looks weird.

She looks good in certain angles though.

Anyway, I found out that she looked derpy because of her facial structure. She has tired looking eyes, it's because of the shape.

I noticed that because I tested the same pose on my other sims and it looked good.

Oh well, I still think Elle (derpy sim) is gorgeous.
Alright then, I'll show you some extra details and some random things like always.

In the following picture we can see that the arm looks a bit weird. I really don't know why... it looked perfect in Milkshape. I think it's something related to TS3, even some animations made by EA tend to have this problem with the articulations.

It's not THAT terrible, but it still bugs me.

Here you can see the detail on the hands. I really like how the fingers turned out, but there's something about the pose itself that disturbs me. Maybe I find it a bit stiff or I don't know. I tried the pose in real life to see if it's painful and it's not haha (I always try to do that with the poses I create.)

You can finally see the legs. They might look a bit funny here, but they look great.

Here's a complete profile shot.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. This pose doesn't work properly with some clothes as it'll "glitch." Just look at this picture, I couldn't explain what I wanted to say.

Ok, now you can take a look at Phillip trying to make this pose look manly.

Hope you enjoyed!
Stay tuned for the pose pack.



  1. It looks really great! I've been thinking of trying to create poses, are you using blender or milkshape? Anyways, Great job can't wait to see what else you come up with!!! :D

  2. Thank you! I'm using milkshape for now. I read somewhere that blender is better for custom animation though.