April 10, 2011


So I could finally make my first animation. It's horrible, I don't like it at all.
But welp, it was my first try and it was also a test. I think it's good for a first try, eh. I should try making something realistic.

I made more poses, I couldn't take good pictures like the other ones though. With many tweaks they could finally look great in-game.
Let's start with POSE-007.

My inspiration was Alice Glass (maaan, I love that woman) in her Celestica video.

These are in-game pictures. (The glitch you see on her skirt in one of the pictures is not my fault, it's because of the skirt's mesh)

Well, this one is POSE-009 (POSE-008 is my animation)

I tried to make it as if they were hanged. It looks cool in-game, I didn't take a picture though, shame on me.

Finally, this one is POSE-010.

I was inspired by Cassie's pose in Skins S1 Opening.

I love that girl, haha.

Anyway, I will post some in-game pictures of those poses in another entry.
Thanks for following this blog!

April 09, 2011

Where is my mind?

I've made more poses but first I'll show you more pictures of the previous poses. Let's start with POSE-002.

Excuse the outfit of my Emilie. I was trying to see if there was any glitch on her body.

I'll show you the details I find worth seeing.

This time there's no deformed long extremities, lol.
And the hands are the part I really love from this pose. I think they look really natural/realistic placed like that.

Not everything is perfect though. This is the supposed to be glitched part. I can't do anything about it, even some EA poses/animations have this little annoying error.

Let me show you POSE-003 now.

There's nothing much to say about it. I was inspired by Franky, that's all. (read post from 4-8-11)

Let's move onto POSE-004.

It is just a standing pose inspired by Grace's pose during Skins 5 Opening sequence.

This is the final result after many corrections.

Like most of my poses, it had a 'beta version'

Those fingers, oh my god. It looked good on Milkshape.

Well, it was starting to get better there.
And finally...

I really like this pose, could be my favourite so far.

Now let's talk about POSE-005...

I'm not really a fan of this one. It's supposed to be a pose for an injured person.

I couldn't take any good picture of it either...

Let's move to the last one for today, POSE-006.

It's another 'falling into the abyss' pose that I love. The final product is:

And of course, it had a beta version. You can notice her strange looking hand, her distorted hips and her LONG neck.

Seems like I'm obsessed with the 'falling' theme.

That's about it. Thanks for following this blog!

April 08, 2011


So I've been working non-stop on some poses. I'm starting to find this "createposes" thingie really enjoyable.

These poses are finally non-glitched. The first one looks kinda stiff though.

And this one was just for fun.

This is a bad sample shot. I swear it looks great in-game.

I wanted the pose to be similar to the picture down here.
I love Franky, lol.

April 07, 2011

'feIl' stands for FAIL

Today I could finally learned how to make custom animation/poses for The Sims 3.
I didn't even know how to make them for TS2 so I'm really happy.
I still have to practice though...

This was my first try. I intended to recreate the first pose that came to my mind and so the work began.

You can clearly see that something bad is going on in that pose already. If you can't notice what is it, then I suggest you to see the following pictures.

This is the pose ingame, looks kinda cute huh? A bit stiff but still cute.
That pose reminds me of Ragnarok Online's Alchemists.

Anyway, my test subject is Emilie, one of the main characters for 'Heartful'. It's getting kinda difficult to progress with it, not because of the story, just because I don't have enough time to film and because my current monitor SUCKS.

You can watch Heartful's trailer here.

Back to the deformed pose, here comes the funny part:

Good God, DAT LEG.
As you can see, I still have to practice. Not only because of that horrible thing but because the poses are not really life-like yet.

Well, that's it. I should get back to work.
See you in another entry!