August 16, 2011

Another pose for the pack

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Hello again,
If you managed to survive reading the post I made yesterday, then I'm sorry to inform you that you're witnessing the creation of a new boring pose.
Let me show you the preview:

This is how it looks in-game with my slaves...

(Oh wow, now that I'm looking once again at this picture, the girl with glasses reminds me of "Leaven" from "The Cube.")
Well, this pose is meant to be against something. Look how Elle (red-hair girl) and Brad (skinny guy in the back) are positioned. I'll show you another example later.
Let's move onto the special details.

The face is not very expressive because... I really don't know. Honestly, I didn't think a smile would fit; the same happens to any other expression. I just moved the eyes and neck to add the "Hey, I'm alive after all" feeling.
Anyway, I'm proud of the hands in this pose. I love how they look.

It was a bit hard to make them look like that.
Let me show you how the legs are positioned.

I tried to explain it by drawing some shit around the legs, but it's impossible to draw with a mouse and my shaky hands haha, so I took some pictures from another angle.

And finally, the back. You can see how the pose is leaned to an specific side, it doesn't look THAT awkward if you use it without putting your sim next to something though.

I'll show you an example of how you could use this pose.

Well, you see once again how it's leaned to a side. I'm using a fridge in this case as the object that my sim is touching. You can use a lot more like a bookshelf, piano, mirror, window, door, statue, tree, whatever.

Ignore that fake and over-used blur.
Don't mind Elle, she's a bit cross-eyed.

A dramatic touch.

Well, this pose will be in the pack I'm going to upload someday.
Hope you enjoyed!



  1. These look fantastic! How in the world did you get the models pupils to show up in Milkshape?!

  2. These look great! I like your attention to detail that makes them look more natural.