April 10, 2011


So I could finally make my first animation. It's horrible, I don't like it at all.
But welp, it was my first try and it was also a test. I think it's good for a first try, eh. I should try making something realistic.

I made more poses, I couldn't take good pictures like the other ones though. With many tweaks they could finally look great in-game.
Let's start with POSE-007.

My inspiration was Alice Glass (maaan, I love that woman) in her Celestica video.

These are in-game pictures. (The glitch you see on her skirt in one of the pictures is not my fault, it's because of the skirt's mesh)

Well, this one is POSE-009 (POSE-008 is my animation)

I tried to make it as if they were hanged. It looks cool in-game, I didn't take a picture though, shame on me.

Finally, this one is POSE-010.

I was inspired by Cassie's pose in Skins S1 Opening.

I love that girl, haha.

Anyway, I will post some in-game pictures of those poses in another entry.
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  1. These are pretty awesome:3
    Could never do something like this...

  2. Awesome! I'm loving your poses and OMG at that animation. That's the first anim I've seen and I'd say it's pass "eh". ^.^ Beautiful work!